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Join Our Team!

Join HSA!

Director positions are now open for the Academic, External, Marketing, and Student Life Portfolios. We are also recruiting Senior Project Assistants.  This is a great opportunity to network with fellow students and represent the Haskayne Student Body. This experience looks excellent on a resume!


Interested in Applying?

Application forms can be found in the HSA Instagram bio and website. Applications must be submitted by July 11th 11:59pm MST. If you have any questions, please email

Director Responsibilities

Academic Director (2 Positions)

  • Assist VP Academic

  • Help develop and maintain the Haskayne Resource Map

  • Assist in detailed planning and budgeting of events

External Director (1 Position)

  • Assists VP External

  • Helps support sponsorship outreach

  • Helps update External communications (Hello Haskayne)

  • Strengthen and maintain positive relations with Haskayne student clubs

Marketing Director (2 Positions)

  • Assists VP Marketing

  • Helps create marketing material.

  • Helps manage HSA social media accounts and website

  • Assists in event/internal photoshoots

  • Helps design HSA and Haskayne Hut merchandise

Student Life Director (2 Positions)

  • Comfortable editing videos

  • Assist in event planning and Haskayne new student orientation.

  • Multitask Comfortably

  • Strong communication skills

  • Helps design HSA and Haskayne Hut merchandise

Senior Project Assistant (1 Positions)

  • Assists President

  • Provide holistic support for all portfolios

  • Planning and executing Project Assistant recruitment in Fall 2021

  • Identifying areas the HSA could provide value within the undergraduate community and forming an implementation strategy

For more information about the portfolios and executives



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