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Past Academic Events

Student Networking Night

We designed this new event with the goal of bringing students together and building a sense of community by allowing students to network and form connections at the event. We started off with a presentation on networking skills and tips, then students practiced what they learned by engaging in three rounds of networking. This event gives students the opportunity to practice and prepare to network effectively in the future.

Ask Your Alumni

The academic and external portfolio at HSA collaborated on the Ask your Alumni event this year, designed to give students the opportunity to network with Haskayne alumni in various concentrations. The students hear from the alumni’s experience after graduating, ask questions and of course, practice networking! Students are put into breakout rooms with their alumni in multiple networking rounds throughout the event. In the last Ask Your Alumni event the alumni went over topics like industry experience, academics, and networking.

Commerce Cage: Pitching Competition

The Commerce Cage was a new initiative designed by the academic portfolio at HSA this year. This pitching competition aimed to give students an opportunity to develop their pitching skills by presenting a sales pitch based on a specific product case and a list of customer profiles. The event included a brief overview of pitching skills and tips before the teams pitched to a panel of judges for 2 rounds. The competition allowed students to use their creativity and improve their pitching and communication skills in a fun and welcoming environment.

Beginner Case Competition

Beginner Case Competition is an introductory case competition designed for students with minimal case competition experience. The first day of the event is a workshop where students learn how to successfully break down a case and develop a presentation. The second half of the event is the competition day where the students apply their skills in a real case competition. This is a great opportunity for beginners who are interested in case competitions to get familiarized with the case competition world!

Survey - What events would YOU like to see?

Please fill out this short google form and tell us what events/initiatives you would like to attend and feel free to give us any feedback on the academic portfolio in general!

PASS Sessions

The PASS program provides a space for students to study collaboratively and ground their understanding of course material, supported by a peer who has taken this course recently and performed well. Through group discussions and collaborative activities/worksheets, the session leader supports students to achieve greater academic success. You get as much out of a PASS seminar as you put in: if you collaborate, answer questions, and work with others, you will learn a lot and probably make a few friends too!
To learn more about the PASS program and find the courses available in these sessions, please click here:
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