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Haskayne Career Development Centre

The Haskayne Career Development Centre is an invaluable resource to assist you with achieving your career aspirations. It offers Haskayne, and students, a variety of resources—such as events, workshops, appointments, and online tools—outlined in this article.

Click here to view the Haskayne Career Development Centre website: 

Haskayne Career Development Specialists

Haskayne Career Development Specialists can help you search for jobs, update your resume and cover letters, and prepare for interviews. The Career Development Specialists can also help you identify your skills, interests, and abilities to assist you with pursuing the best career options.

VMock Smart Résumé Platform

VMock is an online résumé review tool that provides instant, personalized feedback on your résumé based on criteria gathered from top employers and global best practices. This platform also provides recommended resume templates. To utilize this resource, you need to upload a PDF version of your resume here: ​


  1. Click on “Continue with University ID” and log in using your UCalgary email address and password

  2. Click “Sign Up” and complete your profile

  3. Click “Upload Resume”

  4. To view the feedback, click on “View Detailed Feedback.”

StandOut Video Interview Practice

StandOut is an online video interview software that lets you take practice video interviews and receive feedback from a Haskayne Career Advisor. To gain access to this platform, please email

Haskayne Co-op Program


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