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The Haskayne Students' Association

About Us

  • The Haskayne Students' Association is the official governing body of the Haskayne School of Business.

  • We are a mini Students’ Union within the Haskayne School of Business that represents student needs to the faculty - we are separate from clubs.

  • HSA strives to create a sense of community within the faculty, to better each student’s experience, and to represent each student’s university-related interests.

  • All elected members in leadership roles within HSA work to accurately represent you and your peers in committees and decision-making processes.

Our Actions

  • We organize events to improve student engagement such as First-year Orientation, Haskoween, a First-year case competition, and This is It.

  • HSA Vice Presidents are a part of various committees in the faculty to represent Haskayne students for matters that will affect students. 

  • We directly convey student needs, interests and concerns to faculty.

Our Mission

  • The Haskayne Students' Association works to improve students university experience.

  • We work with other universities, groups, and staff within and outside of the University of Calgary.

  • We work for you, creating opportunities for students to interact with other students, professors, alumni, and community members.

Our Vision

  • We aim to create a sense of community within Haskayne, to better your university experience and to represent you in your university-related interests.

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