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Students' Union


The SU provides essential services for students. Whether you want to apply for financial aid or awards, rent a locker, or get your taxes done for free, the SU can point you in the right direction.


Visit their website at:

Hunter Centre

At the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we are focusing on teaching our students thinking that goes beyond how to create a viable business plan and launching a new business. Our teaching includes how to think, reason, and problem solve in a manner that identifies and creates opportunities


Visit their website at:

Haskayne Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS)

The Commerce Undergraduate Society is the umbrella organization for all student clubs at the Haskayne School of Business. Every student at Haskayne is a member of CUS. They strive to provide events, charity initiatives, and programs that enrich the experiences of Haskayne students, and contribute to the Haskayne Community in big ways.


Visit their website at:

Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business

At the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business, we redefine what it means to be an effective business leader. We educate future leaders in advanced leadership principles that will transform the future of business and its role in society


Visit their website at:

Haskayne Career Centre

The Haskayne Career Centre offers support to students, alumni, and employers. Our services and programs help employers implement successful campus recruitment strategies and connect with Haskayne students. Our Career Advisors provide career and job search related services unique to Haskayne students.


Visit their website at:

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