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Extracurricular Involvement at Haskayne

Getting involved outside of the classroom is a great way to meet other students, build connections, gain experience, and enrich one’s time at university. Each year, many student and university organizations will offer extracurricular opportunities for students to participate in. Here is a summary of the various ways you can get involved while at Haskayne!

Haskayne Student Clubs

There are 16 Haskayne student clubs encompassing a variety of specializations and business-related topics. These clubs are great for staying informed about a specific field, expanding your network with students that have similar career interests, and participating in events that further your career development.

To learn more about the various Haskayne student clubs, click here:

Other Student Clubs

Outside of Haskayne, there are hundreds of clubs on campus appealing to a wide variety of interests and hobbies. If you are passionate about a certain topic or activity, there is likely a club already established for it. Many students have made friends and personal connections through the clubs they participate in, which is another reason to get involved!

To learn more about campus-wide student clubs, click here:

Case Competitions

Case competitions are events where student teams are provided a case study, and are asked to develop a solution and presentation to the problem in the case. These events are excellent opportunities to practice critical thinking, develop presentation skills, and apply business concepts learned in class.

There are currently two main ways for students to get involved with case competitions. First, you can register for individual case competitions (both offered internally by the university or externally). Case competitions occur multiple times throughout the year, and many are advertised on the Hello Haskayne D2L shell.

Secondly, you can apply to join one of two case competition teams at Haskayne: JDC West and the Inter-Collegiate Business Competition Team (ICBC). JDC West is the largest business competition in Western Canada, where various universities compete in the areas of academics (case competitions), athletics, debate, social challenges, and charity contributions. ICBC is Canada’s largest case competition, where universities across the world send teams to compete in the streams of Accounting, Business Policy, Debate, Ethics, Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Management of Information Systems.

To learn more about JDC West, please click here: ​

To learn more about ICBC, please click here: 

To learn more about UCalgary’s performance at ICBC, please click here: 

Faculty Contacts: Cameron Welsh (, Dr. Bob Schulz ( and Phil Davidson (

Student Leadership Development

The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL) provides a variety of opportunities for Haskayne students to develop their leadership skills. Its offerings include unique courses—such as the Haskayne Leadership Expedition and wilderness retreats—and leadership experience opportunities—such as mentorship programs, Lunch with Leaders, and the Haskayne Peer Network.

To learn more about the opportunities offered by CCAL, please click here:

Volunteer Opportunities and Community Engagement

Volunteering is another great way to get involved while at university. Through ucalgarycares, you can participate in the Days of Service program or sign up for a reading week program to help out community organizations. Individual student clubs and the Students’ Union (SU) also offer volunteering opportunities. Lastly, the peer helper program is another excellent way to give back to the student community. Peer helpers assist various UCalgary departments and offices and gain leadership skills in the process.

To learn more about UCalgary community engagement, please click here:

To search for volunteering-focused student clubs, please click here:

To learn about volunteering opportunities available through the SU, please click here:

To learn about the peer helper program, please click here:

Students’ Union

The Students’ Union represents and advocates for the interests of all UCalgary students. It also manages various essential services, such as financial aid/awards, locker rentals, and the operations of MacHall. Whether you are interested in student government, volunteering, or sitting on a committee, the SU provides many ways to get involved.

To learn more about the SU, please click here: ​

Scholar’s Academy

Scholar’s Academy fosters the academic and professional development of undergraduate students that demonstrate strong leadership skills, social responsibility, and intellectual curiosity. Among many resources, scholars are provided advising, mentorship, and service-learning project opportunities.

To learn more about Scholar’s Academy, please click here:

If you are interested in staying updated on the various events and extracurricular opportunities available in the upcoming year, be sure to follow the Haskayne Students’ Association on ​Instagram,​ as we will be providing daily reminders. You should also be added to the Hello Haskayne D2L shell, where we post various upcoming opportunities for all Haskayne students.

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