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HSA Portfolios 

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Academic Portfolio


Marketing Portfolio

Operations & Finance Portfolio


External Portfolio


Student Life Portfolio

Exec Team


President- Lukas Fairley


-Represents the Haskayne undergraduate student voice by providing input to decisions being made on steering committees that affect students experience 
-Acts as a spokesperson for the Haskayne Students’ Association and spreads awareness of HSA and its role within the faculty to students, faculty, alumni, etc. 
-Ensures that the organization and its Vice Presidents are effectively and efficiently addressing the needs, wants, and concerns of Haskayne students 
-Leads and supports HSA Vice Presidents and their portfolios by ensuring that all events and initiatives align with the Associations mission and vision 


VP Operations and Finance- Abdullah Abidi

Abdullah pic.JPG

- Works with Haskayne Development office to develop annual list of appropriate corporate partners that may be approached by clubs and HSA for the House System and general events.

- Develops a system to share responsibilities amongst the clubs, to approach potential corporate partners and maximize benefit to both corporate partners and Haskayne students seeking sponsorship. 

- Maintains and keeps records of the corporations that clubs have sought sponsorship 

- Maintains record of HSA’s day-to-day banking needs

VP Marketing- Brianna Cudmore


- Manages social media pages and website
- Organizes event photography/video coverage teams
- Creates advertisements to increase student engagement and awareness
- Designs merchandise for HSA and Haskayne Hut
- Creates monthly Newsletters for students

VP Academic- Mahnoor Rizvi

Mahnoor Rizvi Headshot 2022 (002).jpg

- Works closely with the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL) to support the planning of Haskayne Peer Network events. 

- Manages volunteers to provide assistance in Dean's List Event to honour high achieving students

- Represents undergraduate student voices through membership on numerous committees

-Champions for academic and professional development opportunities for Haskayne School of Business students through organizing workshops, case competitions and networking events

- Promotes academic health and wellness through advocating for and highlighting academic support resources available to Haskayne students

VP External- Mai Ngan Nguyen

Mai Ngan Nguyen Photo (002).jpg

- Works with Haskayne Community Outreach and Alumni Relations office to facilitate both student and alumni engagement

- Collaborates and communicates with the Career Centre to develop programs for Haskayne

- Main form of communication between other universities and Haskayne

- Researches opportunities to provide students with a better university experience

VP Student Life- Noor Qureshi & Rahat Chowdhury

Capture Noor.JPG
Rahat Headshot.heic

- Creates a sense of inclusivity and family within the Haskayne student body while encouraging diversity

- Aids in the development of a sustainable “House System” that will encourage student engagement and develop a unique “Haskayne Culture” that is recognized across campus and within the community

- Plans and implements a year-end House System gala

- Develops new programs that will increase engagement and raise the profile of Haskayne students

- Encourages and assists Haskayne students with applying for student funds through the Students’ Union and other funding bodies

- Assists HSB Faculty with planning of Fall Orientation

The two SU Faculty Representatives for the Haskayne School of Business and the CUS President sit on the HSA council as ex-officio members. 

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